“The Medium is the Message/Massage.” -Marshall McLuhan

Micheal Hooker is an arts-based psychology writer, performance artist and salonniere bi-located in Brooklyn, NY and Tampa, Fl.

Grounded in embodiment practices used in art and therapy, Hooker’s work is influenced by relational participation and archaic rituals that shape our language and worldview. In an attempt to reflect these intersections, she primarily uses the voice and body in live performances, film installations, and both literal and figurative mixed-media collages.

Trained in massage and polarity therapy, Hooker has taught at The Florida School of Massage and The Swedish Institute of Manhattan where she developed her own style of integrating contemporary art into somatic therapy lesson plans.  In 2009 and 2011, Hooker was the recipient of a “Best of the Bay Award” for her musicianship and in 2013 her film, Honey1, was exhibited at MoMA for an interactive video event called “Abstract Currents”.  Hooker has led workshops in non-violent communication across the east coast of the United States and serves on the board of an international non-profit calledWe Make Peace., which is resolved to instilling these skills in educational institutions. Hooker is currently seeking a Master’s degree in psychology with a focus on participatory arts-based therapy at Goddard College.

Hooker is also the owner and curator of Lector Social Club, a literary [natural] wine bar in Tampa, Florida.

Contact: hundredpitchers@gmail.com

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