Vic Becoming More Vic: A Fundraiser

Dear Friends of Vic,

Over the years we’ve all benefited from the love and care of our dear friend Vic.  Whether they are building furniture for our homes or love in our hearts, Vic is a constant reminder of what it means to be a loyal friend, confidant, and model for seeking and living an authentic life. Now we all have the chance to actively participate in this authenticity by supporting their process of Vic Becoming More Vic (watch out world).

As you may know, Vic is having Top Surgery (May 30th)! This is an incredible step in their path and just like all big life events, it cannot be taken in a silo. Our communal support is paramount. Between the surgery and recovery time without work, the costs are estimated to rack up to around $25k. So, let’s rally our funds in toward Vic’s health, wellness, and healing!

Instead of splitting costs with a fundraising site you can contribute via Venmo directly to Vic’s account @VicValencia .

With Love,

Micheal and Laurel


p.s. Vic’s pronouns are officially them/they/theirs or he/him/his

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