Cosmic Cousins Podcast: Featuring All Things Eclipse, Depth, and Canceresque.


Check out this podcast hosted by Jeff Hinshaw called Cosmic Cousins for some Soul-Centered Astrology.  Season 3 Episode 13 covers eclipse season and dives into understanding the archetype of cancer; new moon cancer solar eclipse; life and birth chart of the incredible Pakistani activist, Malala Yousafzai, “giving us some high-vibe cancer energy with a Libra Moon and Leo Rising.”
Jeff ends the episode with our conversation and some music!  Together we cover the following topics:
  • Cancer + Virgo Relationship
  • How Books are a name-stay of home for Cancer
  • Poetry + Cancer’s connection to Honey Bees
  • Recreating Womb Experience through Performance Art
  • Carl Jungian Psychology + Dream Analysis
  • Public art + social practice
  • Honoring History of Tampa (very cancer) through a Literary Lector Social Club
  • polyvagal music theory
  • Death, Ancestral Karma, and Cancer’s Nostalgia manifesting as Grief

Hope you enjoy and follow Cosmic Cousins !

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