Cunsthaus Gallery Exhibit: 100 Pitchers (ofHoney)



Link to The Cunsthaus Gallery in Tampa, Fl
A multi-media installation by Micheal Hooker, an arts-based psychology writer and performance artist.
July 22 – August 19, 2017
Inspired by a Jack Gilbert poem that reads, “My love is a hundred pitchers of honey,” 100 Pitchers (ofHoney), specifically deals with interfused qualities that resound in both the fatal epidemic experienced by bees called colony collapse disorder and the traumatic effects of trans-generational alcoholism.

Meant as an ecofeminist mode of healing such transgressions, the performative project explores the themes of sisterhood, collaboration, dreamwork, contemplative practices, and active participation with the natural and social worlds. In keeping with these themes, a number of female artists were engaged with the installation from across the country including EO Constantatos, Paola Hernadez, Erin Kennedy Taylor, Victoria Valencia (New York), Janet Fredericks (Vermont), Nyree Young (California), Aubrey Bramble (Washington), and Katie Rafferty (Louisiana).

(100 Pitchers) ofHoney opens at CUNSTHAUS on Saturday, July 22nd, with a participatory performance and will be on view through Saturday, August 19th, with an additional performance scheduled for the closing reception.


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