Honeybees and the Fibonacci Sequence

The fecund taste of royal jelly births the Queen who births a country of fatherless men and barren women.


In the year 1202, Leonardo of Pisa came out with Liber Acci, a mathematic book explaining arithmatic and number sequences.The Fibonacci Sequence is the following: 1, 2, 3, 5, 8 ,13, 21 etc. The formula for calculating these number are F_n = F_{n-1} + F_{n-2},!,

These numbers are then used to derive the Golden Ratio. The Golden Ratio is 1:1.618. It appears naturally in almost all aspects of life: petals on a rose, family trees in bunnies, body ratio’s in humans. It is said that people that are considered ‘naturally beautiful’ have a face and body that follows the golden ratio. Both the Fibonacci numbers and the Golden Ratio appear in Honeybees.

The Fibonacci numbers are very well represented in honeybees. For example, the if you follow the family tree of honeybees, it follows the fibonacci sequence perfectly. If you taken any hive and follow this pattern, it would look like this:

Screen shot 2013-02-08 at 1.08.09 PM

If you…

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