A Hundred Pitchers of Honey (One Of)


This is the first film of a series of works based upon a poem: “The Forgotten Dialect of the Heart” by Jack Gilbert.  The film exhibited at MoMA’s PopRally/Abstract Currents in 2012. https://vimeo.com/groups/poprallyabstract

One of the lines in this poem of Gilbert’s struck me viscerally and reads:
“My love is a hundred pitchers of honey.”

As a result of my fierce connection with this equation of love and honey, I have begun a Jungian process of amplification of honey, beginning with collecting honey from my friends and family, researching the myths and rituals of honey in ancient and modern culture, an creating multi-media art works to reflect my findings.

First PHASE OF THE PROJECT: My friends and family have been asked to gift me with local honey.  Local, because I desire to connect with the ecology of their natural environment.  I will create short films in honour of the collection process. Once all the jars have been received I will bathe in this honey as a token of their love, rebirthing myself.
THE MUSIC: All music used in the project will be original works beginning as a retrospective nod to music projects of my past. The first being “reverse.”


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